Since I started my business,I have always adhered to two concepts.
Righteousness before profit: adhere to the concept of first considering each other’s interests for partners and business contacts. Therefore, it has gradually established today’s stable and lasting trust and win-win relationship
2. Self-improvement: Strive to leaning people who are higher ability than oneself, including partners, employees and friends, constantly self-education, self-infection and self-improvement.
In the world economic situation of tight trade and financial turmoil, I firmly believe that adhering to self-concept and constantly striving for improvement is the way for long-term development of enterprises.

Taking faith as a springboard and trade as a bridge, we will provide Japan’s excellent daily necessities, health food, medicine, drinks and other products to the people in need of all over the world, and then import the world’s excellent products into Japan.

Finally, avrag Trading Co., Ltd. is looking forward to more like-minded you to join us in the same boat.